Many people have experienced relief themselves from this modality, when an experienced and certified practitioner performs an adjustment on a “stuck” vertebra.  We are all victims of gravity and pets of all ages benefit from regular treatments but we see great results in our senior patients with arthritis, hip dysplasia, post-surgical recoveries, injured cruciates as well as the benefits realized from internal medical issues. Agility and hunting dogs as well as our juvenile growing adolescents sometimes require frequent intervention to stay in peak performance.  These manipulations help increase range of motion of the joints as well as help maintain general flexibility, a return to a more normal joint function and recovery from injuries. I use only non-force and gentle adjustment techniques. My certification is from the America Veterinary Chiropractic Association.


Osteopathy is very compatible with chiropractic and relies on the same premise that the bones in our body are intimately connected with the central nervous system and manipulation benefits them both.  Because these techniques impact the bones, spine, local nerves and spinal cord, benefits can also be seen in internal organs. Osteopathy is usually non-force and brings relief to compromised spinal alignment, joints, tendons, ligaments and fascia and internal conditions.