An annual checkup or wellness exam is key to detect early disease as well as provide personalized information on whole food nutrition, supplements, vaccine needs, titer testing or deworming. Your pet will receive a full physical as well as a chiropractic evaluation with any necessary recommendations.


Veterinary medicine has evolved to recognize that vaccinations while considered important to protect against disease, should be tailored  and include a risk assessment for each patient.  A community of animal vaccine experts have discovered that some vaccines can give life-long immunity while also finding that over-vaccinating can jeopardize your pet’s health.

Our recommendations for your pet will take into account history of vaccination, legal requirements , previous health conditions as well as results from titer testing which measures the body’s antibody response from previous vaccines. This will provide you with the best information on how to proceed.


During  either an annual checkup or when your pet is not feeling well, we offer the option for laboratory blood evaluation, urinalysis, culture and sensitivity testing as needed to an outside laboratory.  If the results indicate further work is required, we can refer you to specialists or facilities for x-rays, ultrasounds or surgery.